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Make Time for your Breasts!

Isn’t that a great title?  It’s from a page on a website called Pinc Box and I think all women should read it.  Actually, everyone should read it, because then men could encourage the women in their lives to take the time to have regular breast check-ups. Click here to read: Make Time For Your Breasts

Breast Cancer Surgery Statistics from PincBox
Send Breast Cancer Gifts from PincBox!

Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in women, so it makes sense to be vigilant and have regular checks.  Whether you do this monthly yourself (a great idea) or at least have your doctor do a proper breast examination every year and have a mammogram every two years once you turn 40, some kind of check-up is vital for early detection.  If you feel a lump, get yourself off to your GP quick sticks!  It may not be anything sinister but it’s much better to find out early if there is something to worry about.  Breast cancer caught early is very treatable.  So, when did you last check your breasts???